Supporters Club Lincoln Branch Constitution



The main objective of the Branch is to increase interest in support of Manchester United Football Club (hereinafter called “the Football Club”) in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

This will be achieved through events in the Branch area and visits to live matches at Old Trafford and other venues.

Other objectives are:

· To represent the views of the members directly to the Football Club and

create a link between members of MUSC Lincoln and the Football Club.

· To support members with travel and ticket arrangements to games at the

Football Club.

· To encourage social activities for members and supporters.

· To encourage friendly relationships with supporters of all football clubs.

· To forge a positive relationship between the Football Club and the local


It is a condition of the Football Club that this Branch can only apply for tickets to visit Old Trafford on behalf of individuals who are members of the parent Manchester United F.C. Supporters Club or otherwise as from time to time Manchester United may direct. Branch membership will be actively encouraged from persons residing in Lincoln and the surrounding area but will not be refused to persons living outside the area.


(a). The Branch shall consist of annual members.

(b). Enrolment as a member of the Branch shall be at the discretion of the Branch committee subject to completion of the application form for such membership and payment of the annual subscription, the amount of which shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

(c). The Branch committee shall not unreasonably refuse membership but such membership may be denied to any individual should the committee consider that it is not in the best interests of the Branch for membership to be granted.

(d). A person shall be an annual member from the date of enrolment as

a member of the Branch until 31 May falling within the football season for which the Branch has accepted the application (and any subscription) and thereafter from year to year upon renewal of the Branch membership.

(e). The Branch shall make available to each member upon joining for the first time or following a change to the constitution a copy of the said constitution subject to that having been previously approved by the Branch committee, the Football Club and the membership.

Membership is open to any person that:

(f). Is a supporter of the Football Club;

(g). Agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Branch;

(h). Is not subject to any football related ban or disciplinary action.

(i). Any applicant wishing to join the Branch shall complete and sign an application on a form approved by the committee.

(j). In the event of a member making payment to the Branch for travel, a match ticket or other organized event and subsequently failing to turn up, any repayment of the monies received will be at the discretion of the committee.

(k). The committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who shall infringe any rule or whose conduct shall, in their opinion, render him/her unfit for membership. A suspended member shall forfeit all rights of membership during suspension. No expelled or suspended member will be entitled to the return of any part of his or her membership fee.

(l). No member may use the name, badge or title of the Branch without receiving authority from the committee.

(m).Other than travel arrangements made by the officials authorized for that purpose, NO financial liability will be accepted by the Branch for any transport arranged by a member or any group of members, nor will any such arrangements fall within the scope of any insurance cover arranged by the Branch.

(n).The Branch will NOT accept members disrespecting each other or rival fans at the venue where the game is being watched.


A member shall cease to be a member of the Branch and his or her name shall be removed from the register of members:-

(a).Upon the expiry of annual membership, for which purpose renewal of Branch membership shall become due annually on the 1 June.

(b) If by notice in writing or email to the Branch he or she resigns his or her membership.

(c). If his or her conduct, in the opinion of not less than 2/3rds of all members of the Branch committee, has been prejudicial to the interest of the Branch provided that, prior to the meeting of the Branch committee under which the member’s conduct is to be considered, reasonable notice in writing shall be given to the member of the intention to consider his or her conduct and an opportunity afforded to him or her to submit any explanation. Notice shall be deemed sufficient and reasonable if sent by first class post to the member’s last known address or email to the last known email address of the member not less than 7 days before the meeting of the Branch committee at which his or her conduct is to be considered.


(a). At every Annual General Meeting of the Branch the Branch officers of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and a Branch committee shall be elected from the adult members of the Branch to carry on work for the ensuing year.

(b). The members of the Branch committee shall consist of not less than 5 elected members and shall include the elected Branch officers of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

(c). Subject to any other provision in these rules the new Branch committee shall continue in existence until the next following Annual General Meeting has elected a new committee in accordance with these rules.

(d). Each adult member shall be entitled to vote.

(e). No candidate shall be deemed to be elected unless that member receives not less than 51% of the vote of members present and voting.

(f). In the event of equality of votes places available shall be filled by resubmitting to the meeting as often as shall be necessary the names of the candidates with equal votes, and each member present shall be entitled to vote for not more than the number of candidates for which vacancies exist.

(g). No person with whom the Branch has any contract or arrangement (whether directly or through control of or participation in a partnership or limited company) whereby services or facilities are provided for reward or remuneration and whereby that person ultimately derives some benefit from the contract or arrangement shall be eligible to serve on the Branch committee. This restriction need not be applied where such an interest has been disclosed to all persons present at the Annual General Meeting when the individual concerned is elected to the Branch committee.

(h). No member shall be eligible for election to the Branch committee unless they have held continuous membership of the branch for 90 days prior to the Annual General Meeting at which their election is considered.


The elected Branch committee shall hold its first meeting as soon as reasonably practicable after the Annual General Meeting in each year and may appoint annually such sub-committees as may be required, delegate to them such duties as it may think fit, provided that any decision they may reach is subject to the approval of the Branch committee.


Except for actions taken pursuant to the Branch rules no person shall be deprived of a position to which they have been elected or appointed under these rules other than by means of a motion duly proposed, seconded and passed at a Branch committee meeting by the affirmative vote of not less than 2/3rds of all members of the Branch committee. Not less than 7 days notice of the meeting at which the motion is to be discussed shall be given to the individual concerned and an opportunity shall be afforded to him or her at that meeting to make representations. The notice may be sent by first class post or email.


(a). The Branch committee shall meet at least three times a year. All members of the Branch committee shall be given not less than 3 days notice of the date of each meeting of the Branch committee, called by the Chairman or any other committee officer, except in an emergency.

(b). All members shall accept and be bound by any majority decision.

(c). The Branch committee shall record minutes of all proceedings at its meetings and any sub-committee meetings.


(a). The Branch committee as from time to time established shall be trustees of the funds and any property of the Branch.

(b). No trustee shall be entitled to any form of payment or benefit in kind from the Branch in respect of his duties as trustee but every trustee shall be entitled to receive reimbursement of reasonable authorized expenses wholly and necessarily incurred in the performance of his duties as a trustee.


(a). All monies received by the Branch including monies raised by sub committees shall be promptly paid into a bank account in the name of the Branch or Treasurer.

(b). The funds and income of the Branch may be expended on Branch work in its area for the benefit of Branch members.

(c). All cheques shall require one signature, being that of an authorised signatory/operator of the Branch account and whenever possible this shall be the Branch Treasurer.

(d). No signatory/account operator shall make to himself/herself (or any firm or business undertaking in which he/she has an interest) any payment out of Branch Funds in any form whatsoever including cheque, bank transfer or cash, unless this is for an expense necessarily incurred on behalf of the Branch and authorised by the Committee.

(e). No gratuities or personal gifts whatsoever shall be paid or made to any person from or by the use of the funds of the Branch. Such funds or goods in kind shall not be allocated to or for the benefit of any other organisation.


(a). The committee is responsible for producing the annual Branch accounts for

submission and approval to the Branch members at their Annual General Meeting.

(b). The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting for the Branch. The books and/or financial records shall be kept up to date and information made available to any Branch member upon request.

(c). Any member querying an entry/entries in the accounts should in the first instance direct their query in writing to the Branch Treasurer. If dissatisfied the query should then be put in writing for the attention of the General Manager Ticketing and Membership Manchester United.


(a). The Branch committee shall act exclusively in pursuant of the aims, goals and policies of the Branch at all times.

(b). Publicity:

(i) The Branch Committee may publish literature at the expense of and solely in the name of the Branch provided that

· Such literature shall not contain any statement inconsistent with

the Football Club objects and declared policies and

· Statements made or given publicly (or in some circumstances

where they may become public) shall be consistent with the

Branch objects and declared policies.

· All contact with the media on any issue effecting the Branch must be through persons authorised to do so by the Branch committee

· Any literature must be approved by the committee before being

published or publicized at a Committee meeting

(ii) No fund-raising in support of the Branch may be carried out without the prior approval of the Committee to whom a full report shall be promptly rendered.


The Branch shall make an annual report, an income and expenditure account and a balance sheet for and as at the previous year ended 31 May for adoption at each Annual General Meeting.


(a). Not later than the 31 day of August (but whenever possible by 31 July) in every year the Branch committee shall convene, and hold, the Annual General Meeting for the purpose of receiving the annual report and, if thought fit, adopting the accounts, and the election of the Branch Officers and committee.

(b). Not less than 28 clear days notice of the date of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all Branch members.

(c). Not less than 32 clear days written notice shall be given to the Branch Secretary of any resolution of nomination to be included at the Annual General Meeting. Such notice shall include the names of the proposer and seconder.

(d). The Branch committee may refuse to include on the agenda any resolution the subject matter of which has been discussed at any General Meeting of the Branch held within the previous two years, the discussion of which will in its opinion be detrimental to the interest of the Branch.

(e). The parent Manchester United Supporters Club may send representatives to the meeting.


(a). The Chairman shall preside at general meetings of the Branch unless the Chairman is unable or unwilling to whereupon the Branch committee shall appoint a Chairman for that meeting from among the membership of the Branch present at the meeting.

(b). No business shall be transacted at a general meeting unless a quorum of 10 members are present, one of whom at least shall be an officer of the branch. If within 30 minutes from the time appointed for a meeting a quorum is not present the meeting shall stand adjourned until such time and at such place as the Branch committee may determine.

(c). Every adult Branch member present in person shall have one vote.

(d). Minutes shall be kept of all general meetings of the Branch.

(e). All match tickets allocated to the Branch by Manchester United shall be allocated to Branch members in accordance with the Branch ticket and travel arrangements for the season in question. Unless by prior arrangement when a member is not travelling upon transport provided by the Branch all tickets will normally be distributed to members on the day of travel.


The Branch committee shall ensure that all persons employed by the Branch or acting for the Branch comply with these Branch rules.


(a). Manchester United Supporters Club Lincoln Branch (the Branch) shall be dissolved and cease to exist in the event of the agreement of 68% of adult Branch members at a Special General Meeting.

(b). The Branch committee will summon a Special General Meeting to consider dissolution of the Branch if in their opinion the Branch is no longer viable.

(c). In the event of dissolution of the Branch, and after payment of all debts and liabilities, all remaining assets will be distributed to qualifying members of the Branch.

(d). To qualify for a share in any assets, an individual must be an adult Branch member for the current season, and have been a Branch member for at least 12 months prior to the commencement of the current Branch membership year.

(e). A qualifying Branch member will receive one share of the assets for each full year of membership, excluding the current season, subject to a maximum of three shares per member.